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Value of Benefit Partnering

Star Robbins & Company is a full-service insurance and benefits consulting firm, specializing in enrollment and employee education.

Today, many things are changing in the area of employee benefits. Having a partner that possesses a full understanding of core and voluntary benefit options is more important that ever.

As your benefit partner, we bring value in the area of overall benefit education, implementation, and year round customer service through:

  • Product Research
  • Multiple Enrollment Solutions
  • Salaried Consultants
  • Auditing Solutions
  • Customized Marketing
  • One-Source Billing
  • Claims Support
  • Employee Surveys
  • Customized IT Solutions
  • Licensed TPA
Marketing & Communication

When you need a simple way to implement and manage a voluntary benefits program, most of the confusion and frustration can be eliminated by Star Robbins & Company.

Star Robbins & Company offers and believes in "year-round" communication, not just once per year during enrollment. We believe this is key to proper employee benefit education.

Star Robbins & Company offers exceptional communication through:

  • On-site Service
  • Customizable Marketing Solutions
  • Providing Year-Round Benefit Education
  • "Benefits at a Glance" booklet summarizing benefit offerings
Enrollment Options

Star Robbins & Company employs a staff of highly trained, salaried benefit consultants to explain the value of benefits and answer any questions that may arise during enrollment.

We believe that if an employee understands the true value of the products, they will be able to make educated decisions that best fit their own personal situation.

We offer many different methods of enrolling your employees in their benefits, such as:

  • Year-round Call Center
  • Face-to-Face Enrollments
  • Enrollment Scheduling
  • Enrollment Management
  • Case Management
  • Web-based Enrollments
  • Group Meetings
  • Customized Reporting
Policyholder Services

Ongoing support is always important when it comes to your employee’s benefits. We strive to make sure all questions, claims, and issues are taken care of as efficiently as possible. We are able to do this by having Call Center Support from our home office. This allows access to receive person-to-person assistance, no matter what the question or issue may be.

Star Robbins & Company team members are available throughout the year through our customer care center to assist with:

  • Address Changes
  • Beneficiary Changes
  • Duplicate Policy Requests
  • Billing Support
  • Claim Assistance
  • Policyholder Support
  • Status Changes
  • Policy Features
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Welcome to Star Robbins & Company

With nearly thirty years of experience helping educate the nation’s workforce, our entire organization welcomes the opportunity to partner with your company. We work with companies like yours across the country to provide voluntary benefits. We are a full service company providing benefit education, open enrollment, customer service, and billing. We work with Human Resource departments to be the front line when it comes to your company’s benefits.

Star Robbins & Company bridges the gap between the administration and the employees. The company's best interest is our first concern. We represent the client's care for each employee. Carefully guarding corporate trust, when problems come up, we address them immediately, openly, and we work to solve them completely.

Today, many things are changing in the area of employee benefits. Trying to keep up with the changes can often be a daunting task. Having a full understanding of core and voluntary benefit options is more important than ever.

Due to the rising cost of health care, many employers are turning to voluntary benefits as a way of providing additional coverage. The voluntary benefits fill the gap of out-of-pocket expenses and serve as an income replacement during life’s struggles. We provide industry leading policies from the top providers in the nation.

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