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With nearly thirty years of experience helping educate the nation’s workforce, our entire organization welcomes the opportunity to partner with your company. We work with companies like yours across the country to provide voluntary benefits. We are a full service company providing benefit education, open enrollment, customer service, and billing. We work with Human Resource departments to be the front line when it comes to your company’s benefits.

Star Robbins & Company works with Human Resources to bridge the gap between the administration and the employees. The company's best interest is our first concern. We represent the client's care for each employee. Carefully guarding corporate trust, when problems come up, we address them immediately, openly, and we work to solve them completely.

Today, many things are changing in the area of employee benefits. Trying to keep up with the changes can often be a daunting task. Having a full understanding of core and voluntary benefit options is more important that ever.

Due to the rising cost of health care, many employers are turning to voluntary benefits as a way of providing additional coverage. The voluntary benefits fill the gap of out-of-pocket expenses and serve as an income replacement during life’s struggles. We provide industry leading policies from the top providers in the nation.

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